(HC) Billy Strachan | (AC) Charles Hayes


18 Elite White 2024 Roster

Number Name Position High School Height College
1 Adriana Morrissee PIN West Boca 5'10
2 Adriana Rivera DS/L Monarch 5'5
4 Kai Coble PIN Calvary Christian Academy 5'8
5 Isabella Garcia PIN Archbishop McCarthy 5'8
6 Gabriela Ayala S Park Vista 5'9 University of Mary Washington
7 Arianna LaPointe S Park Vista 5'8
10 Morgan Zietz PIN Pine Crest 5'10
20 Chloe Pezaris DS/L Pine Crest 5'6
27 Ella Meek MB/PIN Cypress Bay 6'0
34 Ava Rodgers PIN Wellington 6'1
95 Andrea Record MB Western 6'1

Tournament Schedule for 2024 Season

Tournament Division Location Date
Holiday Challenge CLUB Daytona Beach, FL Dec 9-10
Florida Power League POWER Deerfield Beach, FL Jan 7
MLK PREMIER Houston, TX Jan 13-15
Florida Fest Qualifier LIBERTY Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jan 26-28
Prez Day OPEN Orlando, FL Feb 17-19
Boston Qualifier LIBERTY Boston, MA Mar 1-3
Cloverleaf POWER Ft. Lauderdale, FL Mar 9-10
Music City Qualifier LIBERTY New Orleans, LA Mar 22-24
Spring Bash POWER Ft. Lauderdale, FL Apr 27-28
GJNC** (Must Qualify) LIBERTY Baltimore, MD Apr 26-28

The season cost is $5400. The first payment due upon commitment is $600. The remaining balance of $4800 will be in 8 equal payments of $600 due on the 15th of each month starting in September through April.

** Additional cost for GJNC. Price is TBD, qualification required.