Gold Medal Squared

What Makes Tribe Different

What if four of the most successful and experienced coaches in the history of volleyball in the United States, collaborated to develop a unique system with one goal in mind – improving the quality of volleyball players and volleyball coaches.

Imagine if there was elite volleyball training system based on studied scientific principles from human kinetics, organizational behavior, statistics, and psychology that draws on over 100 years of combined volleyball coaching experience at the top of the game at every level: High School, Club, Collegiate, Professional Foreign Leagues, and International competition.

There is. And it’s called Gold Medal Squared.

Success is largely determined by the quality of the coaching staff – the instruction they provide their players, the understanding of the tactics of the game, the ability to make better use of limited time with their players and the support and strategy necessary to develop a winning program.

Knowing that players will be trained using the best methodology and developed as completely as possible in a uniform and cohesive system from year-to-year not only builds confidence in our players, but in our parents as well.