(HC) Sohpia Deaguero | (AC) Raul McMurray


Miami 15 Premier Roster

Number Name Position
1 Vania Payet
3 Martina Cuellar
4 Sophia Day
7 Carolina Fernandez del Castil
10 Ava Fernandez
11 Michelle Beteta
12 Christina Pelaez
14 Adrianna Stella
15 Isabella Parisi
25 Clementina Gonzalez Bergoderi
29 Mariana Ferreira

Miami 15 Premier Tournament Schedule for 2024

Tournament Division Location Date
South FL Opener CLUB Deerfield Beach, FL Jan 6-7
Tamiami Open REGIONAL Miami, FL Jan 20-21
Florida Frenzy CLUB Miami, FL Feb 3-4
Prez Day CLUB Orlando, FL Feb 17-19
Sunshine Qualifier AMERICAN Orlando, FL Mar 8-10
Spring Classic CLUB Deerfield Beach, FL Mar 16-17
March Madness CLUB Deerfield Beach, FL Mar 23-24
Spring Bash CLUB Ft. Lauderdale, FL Apr 27-28
Clash of Champions CLUB Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 18-19

Season Cost is $5,050. The first payment due upon commitment is $600. The remaining balance of $4450 will be in 8 equal payments of $556.25 due on the 15th of each month starting in September through April.